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Phone: (0033)0553363146

Email: [email protected]

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The Atelier Neo Medici is a private Art School offering Fine Art intensive courses in Drawing and Painting. Its mission is to provide the best education in drawing and painting through study of the history, traditions, and principles of the Renaissance Techniques, thereby establishing a comprehensive foundation for the development of the artist.


The Studio

The Atelier Neo Medici is located in Monflanquin, in the South of France , one of several towns that make up the primary region of the Lot et Garonne. Known for its artistic community, Patrick Betaudier, the founder of the Atelier Neo Medici, was  one of the first among many artists to live and work in the region back in 1993.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of its landscape, the Atelier offers the space and atmosphere that allows students to devote themselves to their creative and academic studies.

The studio is exceptionally equipped.

Class size is kept to a minimum in order to facilitate one-to-one contact as often as possible; never more than eight and very often under five.

Students have access to the Atelier every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and are encouraged to work between class hours.



the Atelier Neo Medici

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