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The ATELIER NEO-MEDICI was first founded by the highly qualified Master Painter, PATRICK BETAUDIER, in a grand Norman style house in the village of Verneuil-sur-Seine, outside of Paris in 1973. Throughout the next fifteen years students from the U.S. and Europe came to study with him. In 1989, like many French artists before him, P. Betaudier was drawn to the South West of France. Avoiding Provence, he chose the more pristine region of the southwest. The atelier relocated to the 13th century walled town of Monflanquin. The charm of this medieval village and the beauty of the countryside heighten the Atelier's continuity with its historical predecessors. At the time, Gregory Pelizzari was already working there.


Going for the One 1987

The Atelier can best be understood by looking at Patrick Betaudier and Gregory Pelizzari's paintings.

They have been at the forefront of a growing movement of artists who "celebrate technique as artistically liberating and beauty as a universal value".


Patrick Betaudier believed, like Van Eyck, that paintings must strive to unite Heaven and Earth:The Atelier Neo Medici forms a bridge from painting's distant past to its living present. His extensive research of the Masters of the Northern and Italien Renaissance was evident in his own extraordinary work, and his generosity in transmitting this knowledge was acknowledged and appreciated by all who had the good fortune to work under him. We love you Patrick!

Patrick Betaudier

Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Patrick Betaudier traveled to England where he received his N.D.D. (1959) from St.Martins of the Field College of Art in London.

Patrick tought at Stan Hope College, London (1959-60) before being invited to Paris to teach. He worked at the Grande Chaumier, a reknowned artist's atelier in the Montparnasse district. Through his association with the surrealist movement, his reputation as a painter began to emerge. After time spent in Israel and Africa, he was invited to Southern Illinois University as a visiting artist in 1969. He stayed at the university fo five years with his final year spent in France running the art department's extension site where the idea for the atelier was born. Ever since, the Southwest of France, has been home to the workshop.

Patrick Betaudier brought his workshop, Atelier Neo Medici, to the United States during the summer.





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